Hayabusa Winged Strike Competition Shinguards

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Regular Price: 40,00 £

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Maximum Shin & Leg Protection
The Hayabusa® Winged Strike™ Competition Shinguards are equipped with high-density padding to ensure the best protection possible during training or competition. The pre-curved design and dual-strap velcro closure system provides a secure fit and unmatched comfort.

Honouring Tradition
The entire Winged Strike™ collection is branded with the traditional Japanese word musha, which is composed of the kanji (read “mu”) meaning “Warrior; Military” and (read “sha”) meaning “Person”. So, musha implies warrior in the Bushido tradition and flawlessly embodies the spirit of the Winged Strike™ collection.

Features / Benefits

- High-density Padding Ensures Maximum Protection During Sparring Or Competition.
- Pre-Curved Design For Secure Fit And Extreme Comfort.
- Dual-Strap Velcro Closure System For Optimal Fit.
- Ultra-Lightweight For Optimised Speed And Mobility.
- Karate & Taekwondo Competition-Ready.

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