Hayabusa Star Wars Galaxy Handwraps - Trooper

Star Wars™ Galaxy based on bestseller perfect stretch handwraps.

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You can feel the difference with one touch; Star Wars Galaxy Hand Wraps are ultra-soft with the perfect amount of stretch. Custom-blended fabric comfortably conforms to your hands, adding an essential layer of support and protection when you train. At 180 inches, these Mexican-style hand wraps are finished with intricate designs inspired by complex characters, tech, and one-of-a-kind aesthetics that make Star Wars so iconic.

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  • Intricate Star Wars design details.
  • Conforms to your hands with perfect stretch blended fabric.
  • 180-inch length delivers optimal support for hands, wrists, & knuckles.
  • Ultra-soft and breathable materials keep your hands comfortable.
  • Extra-wide hook & loop closure delivers a secure fit.
  • Equipped with a starter thumb loop & ‘This Side Down’ graphic.


  • Length: 180-Inches.
  • Width: 2-Inches.
  • Closure: Low profile hook and loop.
  • Starter loop: Yes.
  • Materials: 42% polyester silk, 58% polyester thread.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold (We recommend using a wash bag). Dryer Safe.
  • Best for: Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, & more.

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